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  1. A new approach to test production of exploration wells in the territory of Eastern Siberia [доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций]
    Dadakin N. M., Rymarenko K. V., Nukhayev M. T., Lavrov V. V.
    2017, Society of Petroleum Engineers - SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference 2017
  2. 3D modelling of combined rolling-extrusion of alloying rods of Al - Ti - B [статья из журнала]
    2017, Non-ferrous Metals
  3. 3D modelling of the large-capacity ingots of an Al - Mg system aluminium alloy doped with scandium rolling process [статья из журнала]
    2017, Non-ferrous Metals
  4. Thermal regime of the pond-cooler surface of Beryozovskaya GRES-1 from MODIS data [статья из журнала]
    Savel'ev A. S., Morozova O. G., Veselkova N. S.
    2017, Sovremennye Problemy Distantsionnogo Zondirovaniya Zemli iz Kosmosa
  5. Adhesion energy in the metal/oxide system for the case of high-temperature oxidation of nickel-based superalloys [статья из журнала]
    Moskvichev V. V., Sukhodoeva N. V., Fedorova E. N., Popov A. S.
    2017, Russian Metallurgy (Metally)
  6. Experimental design of bandpass frequency response in microwave filters on waveguide slots membranes [доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций]
    2017, Conference Proceedings - 2017 Radiation and Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves, RSEMW 2017
  7. Huygens source for application in modern electromagnetic simulation software [доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций]
    2017, Conference Proceedings - 2017 Radiation and Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves, RSEMW 2017
  8. A wide-Angle mechanoelectrical steering antenna system based on multilayer dielectric wedge structure [доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций]
    2017, Conference Proceedings - 2017 Radiation and Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves, RSEMW 2017
  9. A GNSS dipole antenna with a meander-line polarizer for the reduction of multipath interference [доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций]
    2017, Conference Proceedings - 2017 Radiation and Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves, RSEMW 2017
  10. Development and research of dual-band reflectarray with polarization decoupling [доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций]
    2017, Conference Proceedings - 2017 Radiation and Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves, RSEMW 2017
  11. Residue integrals and Waring’s formulas for algebraic or even transcendental systems [статья из журнала]
    2017, Complex Variables and Elliptic Equations
  12. Approaches of Educational Technologies of Open Systems [доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций]
  13. Improvement of Rock Fragmentation by Distributed Charge Blasting [статья из журнала]
    Andrievsky A. P., Akhpashev B. A.
  14. Adhesion Energy in the Metal/Oxide System for the Case of High-Temperature Oxidation of Nickel-Based Superalloys [статья из журнала]
    Moskvichev V. V., Sukhodoeva N. V., Fedorova E. N., Popov A. S.
  15. Warming Effects on Pinus sylvestris in the Cold-Dry Siberian Forest-Steppe: Positive or Negative Balance of Trade? [статья из журнала]
    Shestakova Tatiana A., Voltas Jordi, Saurer Matthias, Siegwolf Rolf T. W., Kirdyanov Alexander V.
    2017, FORESTS
  16. The essence of the hidden potential of the urban areas [статья из журнала]
    Lukmanova J. G., Sarchenko V. I.
    2017, Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii, Seriya Teknologiya Tekstil'noi Promyshlennosti
    Kislyakov V. E.
  18. Antioxidant Activity of Fullerenols. Bioluminescent Monitoring in vitro [доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций]
    2017, BIOSENSORS 2016
    Bykova V. V., Soldatenko A. A.
  20. Dendrochronological Methods in the Architectural and Ethnographic Study of Russian Towns in Siberia: The Case of Tara, Omsk Region [статья из журнала]
  21. Influence of thermal conditions on the electrocaloric effect in a multilayer capacitor based on doped BaTiO3 [статья из журнала]
  22. A review of the biomedical innovations for healthy longevity [статья из журнала]
    Moskalev A., Anisimov V., Aliper A., Artemov A., Asadullah K., Belsky D., Baranova A., de Grey A., Dixit V. D., Debonneuil E., Dobrovolskaya E., Fedichev P., Fedintsev A., Fraifeld V., Franceschi C., Freer R., Fülöp T., Feige J., Gems D., Gladyshev V. и другие
    2017, Aging
  23. Cell size and wall dimensions drive distinct variability of earlywood and latewood density in Northern Hemisphere conifers [статья из журнала]
    Björklund J., Seftigen K., Schweingruber F., Fonti P., von Arx G., Bryukhanova M. V., Cuny H. E., Carrer M., Castagneri D., Frank D. C.
    2017, New Phytologist
  24. Green catalytic processing of native and organosolv lignins [статья из журнала]
    2017, Catalysis Today
  25. Antibodies and anti-antibodies to steroid hormones, and breast cancer risk [статья из журнала]
    Glushkov A. N., Polenok E. G., Kostyanko M. V., Antonov A. V., Verzhbitskaya N. E., Vafin I. A., Ragozhina S. E.
    2017, Medical Immunology (Russia)
  26. Changes in the content of catecholamines in blood lymphocytes after food consumption in young men in accordance with pronounced body fat component [статья из журнала]
    Fefelova V. V., Koloskova T. P., Kazakova T. V., Fefelova Yu. A., Ovcharenko E. S.
    2017, Voprosy Pitaniia
  27. Immunological markers of uncontrolled atopic bronchial asthma in children [статья из журнала]
    Smolnikova M. V., Smirnova S. V., Ilyenkova N. A., Konopleva O. S.
    2017, Medical Immunology (Russia)
  28. Coal mining and issued of ecosystem preservation in Kuzbass [статья из журнала]
    Kopytov A. I., Manakov Y. A., Kupriyanov A. N.
    2017, Ugol'
  29. Electro-optical and dielectric properties of polymer-stabilized blue phase liquid crystal impregnated with a fluorine-containing compound [статья из журнала]
    Wu P. -C., Chen H. -L., Rudakova N. V., Timofeev I. V., Zyryanov V. Y., Lee W.
    2017, Journal of Molecular Liquids
  30. Light trapping above the light cone in one-dimensional arrays of dielectric spheres [статья из журнала]
    Bulgakov E. N., Sadreev A. F., Maksimov D. N.
    2017, Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
  31. Historical reflection in the educational process: An axiological approach [статья из журнала]
    Kudashov V. I., Chernykh S. I., Yatsenko M. P., Grigorieva L. I., Pfanenstiel I. A., Rakhinskiy D. V.
    2017, Analele Universitatii din Craiova - Seria Istorie
  32. Calculation of General Number of Imposed Constraints of Kinematic Chains [доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций]
    Fomin A., Dvornikov L., Paik J.
    2017, Procedia Engineering
  33. Design of Five-Bar Screw-Lever Manipulator and Optimization of its Output Link Path of Motion [доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций]
    Fomin A., Ivanov W., Paik J.
    2017, Procedia Engineering
  34. Trapping of light with angular orbital momentum above the light cone in a periodic array of dielectric spheres [статья из журнала]
    2017, Advanced Electromagnetics
  35. On the inverse problem of a creeping motion in thin layers [доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций]
    Andreev V.
    2017, CEUR Workshop Proceedings
  36. Developing methodology and algorithm for estimating comfortability and classifying residential property [статья из журнала]
    2017, Espacios
  37. Estimation of prospects related to developing tourism and recreational services in the Krasnoyarsk Territory [статья из журнала]
    2017, Journal of Environmental Management and Tourism
  38. Topics of doctoral and postdoctoral dissertations devoted to judo in period 2000-2016 – The overall analysis of works of Russian experts [статья из журнала]
    Osipov A. Y., Kudryavtsev M. D., Iermakov S. S., Jagiełło W.
    2017, Archives of Budo
  39. Boundary-value problems for some higher-order nonclassical differential equations [статья из журнала]
    Kozhanov A. I., Pinigina N. R.
    2017, Mathematical Notes
  40. The relationship between plant species richness and soil pH vanishes with increasing aridity across Eurasian dry grasslands [статья из журнала]
    Palpurina S., Wagner V., von Wehrden H., Hájek M., Horsák M., Brinkert A., Hölzel N., Wesche K., Kamp J., Hájková P., Danihelka J., Lustyk P., Merunková K., Preislerová Z., Kočí M., Kubešová S., Cherosov M., Ermakov N., German D., Gogoleva P. и другие
    2017, Global Ecology and Biogeography
  41. Activation transport under quantum Hall regime in HgTe-based heterostructure [статья из журнала]
    Gudina S. V., Neverov V. N., Novik E. G., Ilchenko E. V., Harus G. I., Shelushinina N. G., Podgornykh S. M., Yakunin M. V., Mikhailov N. N., Dvoretsky S. A.
    2017, Low Temperature Physics
  42. Incommensurately modulated twin structure of nyerereite Na1.64K0.36Ca(CO3)2 [статья из журнала]
    Bolotina N. B., Gavryushkin P. N., Korsakov A. V., Rashchenko S. V., Seryotkin Y. V., Golovin A. V., Moine B. N., Zaitsev A. N., Litasov K. D.
    2017, Acta Crystallographica Section B: Structural Science, Crystal Engineering and Materials
  43. Analysis of gut microbiota in patients with parkinson’s disease [статья из журнала]
    Petrov V. A., Saltykova I. V., Zhukova I. A., Alifirova V. M., Zhukova N. G., Dorofeeva Y. B., Tyakht A. V., Kovarsky B. A., Alekseev D. G., Kostryukova E. S., Mironova Y. S., Izhboldina O. P., Nikitina M. A., Perevozchikova T. V., Fait E. A., Babenko V. V., Vakhitova M. T., Govorun V. M., Sazonov A. E.
    2017, Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
  44. A pronormality criterion for supplements to abelian normal subgroups [статья из журнала]
    Kondrat’ev A. S., Maslova N. V., Revin D. O.
    2017, Proceedings of the Steklov Institute of Mathematics
  45. Chronology and faunal remains of the khayrgas cave (Eastern Siberia, Russia) [статья из журнала]
    Kuzmin Y. V., Kosintsev P. A., Stepanov A. D., Boeskorov G. G., Cruz R. J.
    2017, Radiocarbon
  46. Expression of the DNA methyltransferase genes in silver foxes experimentally selected for domestication [статья из журнала]
    Herbeck Y. E., Khantemirova A. R., Antonov E. V., Goncharova N. I., Gulevich R. G., Shepeleva D. V., Trut L. N.
    2017, Russian Journal of Genetics
  47. A study of structural properties of gene network graphs for mathematical modeling of integrated mosaic gene networks [доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций]
    Petrovskaya O. V., Petrovskiy E. D., Lavrik I. N., Ivanisenko V. A.
    2017, Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  48. Quercetin Attenuates Benzo(α)pyrene-induced CYP1A Expression
    Perepechaeva M. L., Seredina T. A., Sidorova Y. A., Pivovarova E. N., Markel A. L., Lyakhovich V. V., Grishanova A. Y.
    2017, Biomedical and Environmental Sciences
  49. Lithology, geochemistry, and aspects of separation of the Kogalym Member within the Lower Vasyugan Subhorizon (Upper Bathonian-Lowermost Oxfordian) of West Siberia [статья из журнала]
    Yan P. A., Vakulenko L. G., Kostyreva E. A., Aukhatov Y. G., Burleva O. V., Nikolenko O. D.
    2017, Russian Geology and Geophysics
  50. Molecular diversity of Wolbachia in Lepidoptera: Prevalent allelic content and high recombination of MLST genes [статья из журнала]
    Ilinsky Y., Kosterin O. E.
    2017, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution