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  1. Spatially nonlocal problems with integral conditions for third-order differential equations [статья из журнала]
    Kozhanov A. I., Lukina G. A.
    2017, Differential Equations
  2. Second-order nonlinear optical properties of composite material of an azo-chromophore with a tricyanodiphenyl acceptor in a poly(styrene-co-methyl methacrylate) matrix [статья из журнала]
    Shelkovnikov V., Selivanova G., Lyubas G., Korotaev S., Shundrina I., Tretyakov E., Zueva E., Plekhanov A., Mikerin S., Simanchuk A.
    2017, Optical Materials
  3. Experimental and numerical investigation of the chemical reaction kinetics in H2/CO syngas flame at a pressure of 1–10 atm [статья из журнала]
    Knyazkov D. A., Bolshova T. A., Dmitriev A. M., Shmakov A. G., Korobeinichev O. P.
    2017, Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves
  4. Provenance change in the Irkutsk coal basin during the early and middle Jurassic: Geochemical and Sm-Nd isotope evidence [статья из журнала]
    Mikheeva E. A., Demonterova E. I., Frolov A. O., Arzhannikova A. V., Arzhannikov S. G., Cherkashina T. Y., Ivanov A. V.
    2017, Stratigraphy and Geological Correlation
  5. Connection of the Late Paleolithic archaeological sites of the Chuya depression with geological evidence of existence of the Late Pleistocene ice-dammed lakes [статья из журнала]
    Agatova A. R., Nepop R. K.
    2017, Stratigraphy and Geological Correlation
  6. Short-term exclusion of degraded pasture in the permafrost zone: aspects of soil microbial community [статья из журнала]
    Danilova A. A., Savvinov G. N., Gavril’eva L. D., Danilov P. P., Ksenofontova M. I., Petrov A. A.
    2017, Arid Ecosystems
  7. Web technology in automated information and modeling systems for metallurgical processes [статья из журнала]
    Gurin I. A., Lavrov V. V., Spirin N. A., Nikitin A. G.
    2017, Steel in Translation
  8. Destruction of rock upon blasting of explosive agent [статья из журнала]
    2017, ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  9. Spin dynamics and magnetic field induced polarization of excitons in ultrathin GaAs/AlAs quantum wells with indirect band gap and type-II band alignment [статья из журнала]
    Shamirzaev T. S., Rautert J., Yakovlev D. R., Debus J., Gornov A. Y., Glazov M. M., Ivchenko E. L., Bayer M.
    2017, Physical Review B
  10. No effect of C1473G polymorphism in the tryptophan hydroxylase 2 gene on the response of the brain serotonin system to chronic fluoxetine treatment in mice [статья из журнала]
    Bazhenova E. Y., Sinyakova N. A., Kulikova E. A., Kazarinova I. A., Bazovkina D. V., Gainetdinov R. R., Kulikov A. V.
    2017, Neuroscience Letters
  11. Neuroprotective effects of ceftriaxone treatment on cognitive and neuronal deficits in a rat model of accelerated senescence [статья из журнала]
    Tikhonova M. A., Ho S. -C., Akopyan A. A., Kolosova N. G., Weng J. -C., Meng W. -Y., Lin C. -L., Amstislavskaya T. G., Ho Y. -J.
    2017, Behavioural Brain Research
  12. Diurnal variations of the ionospheric electron density height profiles over Irkutsk: Comparison of the incoherent scatter radar measurements, GSM TIP simulations and IRI predictions [статья из журнала]
    Zherebtsov G. A., Ratovsky K. G., Klimenko M. V., Klimenko V. V., Medvedev A. V., Alsatkin S. S., Oinats A. V., Lukianova R. Y.
    2017, Advances in Space Research
  13. Convenient approach to making nanocomposites based on a chitosan–poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) polymer matrix and a graphene nanofiller [статья из журнала]
    Kholkhoev B. C., Bal'zhinov S. A., Makotchenko V. G., Fedorov V. E., Farion I. A., Kozlova M. N., Timashev P. S., Burdukovskii V. F.
    2017, Journal of Applied Polymer Science
  14. Bound states in the continuum with high orbital angular momentum in a dielectric rod with periodically modulated permittivity [статья из журнала]
    2017, Physical Review A
  15. A woolly mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius) carcass from Maly Lyakhovsky Island (New Siberian Islands, Russian Federation) [статья из журнала]
    Grigoriev S. E., Fisher D. C., Obadă T., Shirley E. A., Rountrey A. N., Savvinov G. N., Garmaeva D. K., Novgorodov G. P., Cheprasov M. Y., Vasilev S. E., Goncharov A. E., Masharskiy A., Egorova V. E., Petrova P. P., Egorova E. E., Akhremenko Y. A., van der Plicht J., Galanin A. A., Fedorov S. E., Ivanov E. V. и другие
    2017, Quaternary International
  16. Opisthorchis felineus infection and cholangiocarcinoma in the Russian Federation: A review of medical statistics [статья из журнала]
    Fedorova O. S., Kovshirina Y. V., Kovshirina A. E., Fedotova M. M., Deev I. A., Petrovskiy F. I., Filimonov A. V., Dmitrieva A. I., Kudyakov L. A., Saltykova I. V., Odermatt P., Ogorodova L. M.
    2017, Parasitology International
  17. Alma-Ata to Berlin: diabetes prevention and treatment to achieve healthy living
    Kalra S., Lauritzen T., Sharmanov T., Akanov Z., Al Awadi F., Das A. K., Espinosa López C., Medea G., Oh P., Samoilova Y., Shestakova M., Netto P., Cos X., Farghaly M., Du X.
    2017, Diabetic Medicine
  18. Spatial variation in concentration and sources of organic carbon in the Lena River, Siberia [статья из журнала]
    Kutscher L., Mörth C. -M., Porcelli D., Hirst C., Maximov T. C., Petrov R. E., Andersson P. S.
    2017, Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences
  19. Orthorombic Yb:Li2Zn2(MoO4)3 - A novel potential crystal for broadly tunable lasers [статья из журнала]
    Kurilchik S., Loiko P., Yasukevich A., Trifonov V., Volokitina A., Vilejshikova E., Kisel V., Mateos X., Baranov A., Goriev O., Kuleshov N., Pavlyuk A.
    2017, Laser Physics Letters
  20. The distribution pattern of ERα expression, ESR1 genetic variation and expression of growth factor receptors: association with breast cancer prognosis in Russian patients treated with adjuvant tamoxifen [статья из журнала]
    Babyshkina N., Vtorushin S., Zavyalova M., Patalyak S., Dronova T., Litviakov N., Slonimskaya E., Kzhyshkowska J., Cherdyntseva N., Choynzonov E.
    2017, Clinical and Experimental Medicine
  21. Reconstruction of SNP haplotypes with mutation c.-23+1G>A in human gene GJB2 (Chromosome 13) in some populations of Eurasia [статья из журнала]
    Solovyev A. V., Barashkov N. A., Bady-Khoo M. S., Zytsar M. V., Posukh O. L., Romanov G. P., Rafailov A. M., Sazonov N. N., Alexeev A. N., Dzhemileva L. U., Khusnutdinova E. K., Fedorova S. A.
    2017, Russian Journal of Genetics
  22. Discovery of Upper Oligocene–Lower Miocene brown coal deposits (Kosh-Agach formation) in the Dzhazator River valley (Southeastern Russian Altai): Neotectonic and paleogeographical aspects [статья из журнала]
    Agatova A. R., Nepop R. K., Rudaya N. A., Khazina I. V., Zhdanova A. N., Bronnikova M. A., Uspenskaya O. N., Zazovskaya E. P., Ovchinnikov I. Y., Panov V. S., Shurygin B. N.
    2017, Doklady Earth Sciences
  23. Specific features of the growth, composition, and content of natural gas hydrates synthesized in inverted oil emulsions [статья из журнала]
    Koryakina V. V., Ivanova I. K., Semenov M. E., Rozhin I. I., Fedorova A. F., Shits E. Y.
    2017, Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry
  24. The influence of terahertz radiation on the cell’s genetic apparatus [статья из журнала]
    Fëdorov V. I., Serdyukov D. S., Cherkasova O. P., Popova S. S., Nemova E. F.
    2017, Journal of Optical Technology (A Translation of Opticheskii Zhurnal)
  25. Polymorphism of genes of the antioxidant system in the development of predispositions to lung cancer [статья из журнала]
    Titov R. A., Minina V. I., Soboleva O. A., Ryzhkova A. V., Kulemin Y. E., Voronina E. N.
    2017, Russian Journal of Genetics
  26. Benzopentathiepine derivative, 8-(Trifluoromethyl)-1,2,3,4,5-benzopentathiepin-6-amine hydrochloride (TC-2153), as a promising antidepressant of new generation [статья из журнала]
    Kulikova E. A., Volcho K. P., Salakhutdinov N. F., Kulikov A. V.
    2017, Letters in Drug Design and Discovery
  27. Analysis of combined metal casting thermal conditions: The pressing process during conform installation [статья из журнала]
    2017, ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  28. Isorhamnetin and quercetin derivatives as anti-acetylcholinesterase principles of marigold (Calendula officinalis) flowers and preparations [статья из журнала]
    Olennikov D. N., Kashchenko N. I., Chirikova N. K., Akobirshoeva A., Zilfikarov I. N., Vennos C.
    2017, International Journal of Molecular Sciences
  29. Technical and economic comparison between direct current and half-wavelength transmission systems for very long distances [статья из журнала]
    Samorodov G., Kandakov S., Zilberman S., Krasilnikova T., Tavares M. C., Machado C., Li Q.
    2017, IET Generation, Transmission and Distribution
  30. Conservative algebras of 2-dimensional algebras, II [статья из журнала]
    Kaygorodov I., Volkov Y.
    2017, Communications in Algebra
  31. Focusing acoustic beams with a ball-shaped lens beyond the diffraction limit [статья из журнала]
    Lopes J. H., Andrade M. A. B., Leão-Neto J. P., Adamowski J. C., Minin I. V., Silva G. T.
    2017, Physical Review Applied
  32. Search of MicroRNAs Regulating the Receptor Status of Breast Cancer In Silico and Experimental Confirmation of Their Expression in Tumors [статья из журнала]
    Chernyi V. S., Tarasova P. V., Kozlov V. V., Saik O. V., Kushlinskii N. E., Gulyaeva L. F.
    2017, Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
  33. Geochemistry of obsidian from Krasnoe Lake on the Chukchi Peninsula (Northeastern Siberia) [статья из журнала]
    Popov V. K., Grebennikov A. V., Kuzmin Y. V., Glascock M. D., Nozdrachev E. A., Budnitsky S. Y., Vorobey I. E.
    2017, Doklady Earth Sciences
  34. Internal wave bore in the shelf zone of the sea [статья из журнала]
    Liapidevskii V. Y., Novotryasov V. V., Khrapchenkov F. F., Yaroshchuk I. O.
    2017, Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics
  35. Experimental Study of Yeast RNA Preparation as a Possible Radioprotective Agent for Radiotherapy of Malignant Tumors [статья из журнала]
    Nikolin V. P., Bogachev S. S., Popova N. A., Tornuev Y. V., Vinogradova E. V.
    2017, Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
  36. Monitoring of hemodynamics of brain vessels [статья из журнала]
    Khe A. K., Cherevko A. A., Chupakhin A. P., Krivoshapkin A. L., Orlov K. Y., Panarin V. A.
    2017, Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics
  37. Comparative assessment of radioactive strontium and cesium contents in the feedstuffs and dairy products of western Siberia [статья из журнала]
    Sebezhko O. I., Petukhov V. L., Sokolov V. A., Korotkevich O. S., Konovalova T. V., Kamaldinov E. V., Syso A. I., Marmuleva N. I., Narozhnykh K. N., Barinov E. Y., Osadchuk L. V.
    2017, Indian Journal of Ecology
  38. Combustion chemistry of ternary blends of hydrogen and C1–C4 hydrocarbons at atmospheric pressure [статья из журнала]
    Knyazkov D. A., Shvartsberg V. M., Dmitriev A. M., Osipova K. N., Shmakov A. G., Korobeinichev O. P., Burluka A.
    2017, Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves
  39. Cell-IQ visualization of motility, cell mass, and osteogenic differentiation of multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells cultured with relief calcium phosphate coating [статья из журнала]
    Litvinova L. S., Shupletsova V. V., Yurova K. A., Khaziakhmatova O. G., Todosenko N. M., Khlusova M. Y., Slepchenko G. B., Cherempey E. G., Sharkeev Y. P., Komarova E. G., Sedelnikova M. B., Malashchenko V. V., Melashchenko E. S., Khlusov I. A.
    2017, Doklady Biochemistry and Biophysics
  40. MYC gene family in cereals: Transformations during evolution of hexaploid bread wheat and its relatives [статья из журнала]
    Strygina K. V., Khlestkina E. K.
    2017, Molecular Biology
  41. An ultrahigh-vacuum multifunctional apparatus for synthesis and in situ investigation of low-dimensional structures by spectral magnetoellipsometry in the temperature range of 85–900 K [статья из журнала]
    Shevtsov D. V., Lyaschenko S. A., Varnakov S. N.
    2017, Instruments and Experimental Techniques
  42. Formation of low-dimensional structures in the InSb/AlAs heterosystem [статья из журнала]
    Abramkin D. S., Bakarov A. K., Putyato M. A., Emelyanov E. A., Kolotovkina D. A., Gutakovskii A. K., Shamirzaev T. S.
    2017, Semiconductors
  43. Determining the structure of energy in heterostructures with diffuse interfaces [статья из журнала]
    Abramkin D. S., Bakarov A. K., Kolotovkina D. A., Gutakovskii A. K., Shamirzaev T. S.
    2017, Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics
  44. The Siberia of the 19th century through the Russian intelligentsia' eyes [статья из журнала]
    Gryaznukhina T. V., Gryaznukhin A. G., Gaydin S. T., Reut G. A.
    2017, Bylye Gody
  45. Factors of the evolution of the guild of merchants of the Yenisei province (in the post-reform period) [статья из журнала]
    2017, Bylye Gody
  46. Educational correctional institutions for minors in provinces of Eastern Siberia of the end of XIX - The beginnings of the XXth centuries: Plan and result [статья из журнала]
    2017, Bylye Gody
  47. Ring chromosomes: from formation to clinical potential [статья из журнала]
    Pristyazhnyuk I. E., Menzorov A. G.
    2017, Protoplasma
  48. Characterisation of Fe-bearing particles and colloids in the Lena River basin, NE Russia [статья из журнала]
    Hirst C., Andersson P. S., Shaw S., Burke I. T., Kutscher L., Murphy M. J., Maximov T., Pokrovsky O. S., Mörth C. -M., Porcelli D.
    2017, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
  49. Shrub growth rate and bark responses to soil warming and nutrient addition – A dendroecological approach in a field experiment [статья из журнала]
    Iturrate-Garcia M., Heijmans M. M. P. D., Schweingruber F. H., Maximov T. C., Niklaus P. A., Schaepman-Strub G.
    2017, Dendrochronologia
  50. Features of Monitoring Deformation Processes in Ferro-Concrete Designs with Application of the Reflectometer Method of Recording Signals of Fiber Bragg Gratings [статья из журнала]
    Dyshlyuk A. V., Makarova N. V., Vitrik O. B., Kul’chin Y. N., Babin S. A.
    2017, Measurement Techniques