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  1. Compositions of gabbro intrusions in the Krestovsky zone (western Baikal region): A record of plume–suprasubduction mantle interaction [статья из журнала]
    Lavrenchuk A. V., Sklyarov E. V., Izokh A. E., Kotov A. B., Sal'nikova E. B., Fedorovsky V. S., Mazukabzov A. M.
    2017, Russian Geology and Geophysics
  2. The Structure and Properties of Microcrystalline and Submicrocrystalline Titanium Alloy VT1-0 in the Area of the Electron Beam Welding Seam [статья из журнала]
    Klimenov V. A., Gnyusov S. F., Potekaev A. I., Klopotov A. A., Abzaev Y. A., Kurgan K. A., Marzol M. R., Galsanov S. V., Tsellermayer V. Y., Marchenko E. S.
    2017, Russian Physics Journal
  3. Geomechanical conditions of the Tien Shan and Altai Orogeny [статья из журнала]
    Suvorov V. D., Stefanov Y. P., Pavlov E. V., Melnik E. A., Tataurova A. A., Kochnev V. A.
    2017, Doklady Earth Sciences
  4. Mechanism of resistive switching in films based on partially fluorinated graphene [статья из журнала]
    Ivanov A. I., Nebogatikova N. A., Kurkina I. I., Antonova I. V.
    2017, Semiconductors
  5. Salt composition of groundwater and reclaimed solonetzes in the Baraba Lowland [статья из журнала]
    Semendyaeva N. V., Elizarov N. V.
    2017, Eurasian Soil Science
  6. Fist oxidovanadium complexes containing chiral derivatives of dihydrophenanthroline and diazafluorene [статья из журнала]
    Fomenko Y. S., Gushchin A. L., Tkachev A. V., Vasilyev E. S., Abramov P. A., Nadolinny V. A., Syrokvashin M. M., Sokolov M. N.
    2017, Polyhedron
  7. Effective indirect multi-site spin–spin interactions in the s–d(f) model [статья из журнала]
    Komarov K. K., Dzebisashvili D. M.
    2017, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
  8. Law of approach to magnetic saturation in nanocrystalline and amorphous ferromagnets with improved transition behavior between power-law regimes [статья из журнала]
    2017, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
  9. High uniaxial magnetic anisotropy of the Fe1−xSix films synthesized by MBE [статья из журнала]
    Yakovlev I. A., Tarasov I. A., Lyashchenko S. A.
    2017, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
  10. The analysis of solutions behaviour of Van der Pol Duffing equation describing local brain hemodynamics [доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций]
    Cherevko A. A., Bord E. E., Khe A. K., Panarin V. A., Orlov K. J.
    2017, Journal of Physics: Conference Series
  11. Objects of Industrial Property as an Instrument for Introducing Technological Innovations in Machine Building [доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций]
    Nikitenko S. M., Mesyats M. A.
    2017, IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering
  12. Machine-Building for Fuel and Energy Complex: Perspective Forms of Interaction [доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций]
    Nikitenko S. M., Goosen E. V., Pakhomova E. A., Rozhkova O. V., Mesyats M. A.
    2017, IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering
  13. Hovsgol earthquake 5 December 2014, MW = 4.9: seismic and acoustic effects [статья из журнала]
    Dobrynina A. A., Sankov V. A., Tcydypova L. R., German V. I., Chechelnitsky V. V., Ulzibat M.
    2017, Journal of Seismology
  14. Radial Growth and Physiological Response of Coniferous Trees to Arctic Amplification [статья из журнала]
    Tei S., Sugimoto A., Liang M., Yonenobu H., Matsuura Y., Osawa A., Sato H., Fujinuma J., Maximov T.
    2017, Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences
  15. Assessment of Combined Therapy of Histochrome and Nebivalol as Angioprotectors on the Background of Experimental Hypertension by Magnetic Resonance Angiography [статья из журнала]
    Agafonova I. G., Kotelnikov V. N., Geltser B. I., Kolosova N. G., Stonik V. A.
    2017, Applied Magnetic Resonance
  16. Thaw pond development and initial vegetation succession in experimental plots at a Siberian lowland tundra site [статья из журнала]
    Li B., Heijmans M. M. P. D., Blok D., Wang P., Karsanaev S. V., Maximov T. C., van Huissteden J., Berendse F.
    2017, Plant and Soil
  17. Polymorphisms of GSTM1, GSTT1, GSTP1 genes and chromosomal aberrations in lung cancer patients [статья из журнала]
    Minina V. I., Soboleva O. A., Glushkov A. N., Voronina E. N., Sokolova E. A., Bakanova M. L., Savchenko Y. A., Ryzhkova A. V., Titov R. A., Druzhinin V. G., Sinitsky M. Y., Asanov M. A.
    2017, Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology
  18. Initial data on biological activity of taiga–steppe soils in the lower reaches of the Kolyma River [статья из журнала]
    Schelchkova M. V., Davydov S. P., Fyodorov-Davydov D. G., Davydova A. I., Boeskorov G. G., Solomonov N. G.
    2017, Doklady Biological Sciences
  19. Comparative Study of Toxicity of Alkoxyamines In Vitro and In Vivo [статья из журнала]
    Popova N. A., Sysoeva G. M., Nikolin V. P., Kaledin V. I., Tretyakov E. V., Edeeva M. V., Balakhnin S. M., Lushnikova E. L., Audran G., Mark S.
    2017, Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
  20. First Ionic Conjugates of Dihydroquercetin Monosuccinate with Amines [статья из журнала]
    Mamontova N. V., Chernyak E. I., Amosov E. V., Gatilov Y. V., Vinogradova V. I., Aripova S. F., Morozov S. V., Grigor’ev I. A.
    2017, Chemistry of Natural Compounds
  21. Balance of Fatty Acids and Their Correlations with Parameters of Lipid Metabolism and Markers of Inflammation in Men with Coronary Atherosclerosis [статья из журнала]
    Polonskaya Y. V., Shramko V. S., Morozov S. V., Chernyak E. I., Chernyavsky A. M., Ragino Y. I.
    2017, Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
  22. Forbidden mineral assemblage coesite-disordered graphite in diamond-bearing kyanite gneisses (Kokchetav Massif) [статья из журнала]
    Shchepetova O. V., Korsakov A., Mikhailenko D., Zelenovskiy P., Shur V., Ohfuji H.
    2017, Journal of Raman Spectroscopy
  23. Endemics or strangers? The integrative re-appraisal of taxonomy and phylogeny of the Greenland Lymnaeidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda) [статья из журнала]
    Vinarski M. V., Bolotov I. N., Schniebs K., Nekhaev I. O., Hundsdoerfer A. K.
    2017, Comptes Rendus - Biologies
  24. Short-term root and leaf decomposition of two dominant plant species in a Siberian tundra [статья из журнала]
    Wang P., van Ruijven J., Heijmans M. M. P. D., Berendse F., Maksimov A., Maximov T., Mommer L.
    2017, Pedobiologia
  25. Myocardial Protection against Ischemic and Reperfusion Injuries (Experimental Study) [статья из журнала]
    Mandel’ I. A., Podoksenov A. Y., Sukhodolo I. V., Podoksenov Y. K., Svirko Y. S., Kamenshchikov N. O., Mikheev S. L., Sementsov A. S., Rogovskaya Y. V., An D. A., Shipulin V. M., Maslov L. N.
    2017, Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
  26. Authigenic carbonate sedimentation in Eravnoe group lakes (Western Transbaikalia): Response to Holocene climate change [статья из журнала]
    Solotchina E. P., Sklyarov E. V., Solotchin P. A., Zamana L. V., Danilenko I. V., Sklyarova O. A., Tat'kov P. G.
    2017, Russian Geology and Geophysics
  27. Coulomb repulsion of holes and competition between dx2−y2 -wave and s-wave parings in cuprate superconductors [статья из журнала]
    Val’kov V. V., Dzebisashvili D. M., Korovushkin M. M., Barabanov A. F.
    2017, Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics
  28. Magnetic, dielectric, and transport properties of bismuth pyrostannate Bi2(Sn0.9Mn0.1)2O7 [статья из журнала]
    Aplesnin S. S., Udod L. V., Sitnikov M. N., Molokeev M. S., Tarasova L. S., Yanushkevich K. I.
    2017, Physics of the Solid State
  29. X-ray and x-ray electron spectroscopy of new materials [статья из журнала]
    Vovna V. I., Domashevskaya E. P., Okotrub A. V.
    2017, Journal of Structural Chemistry
  30. Two Radix spp. (Gastropoda: Lymnaeidae) endemic to thermal springs around Lake Baikal represent ecotypes of the widespread Radix auricularia [статья из журнала]
    Aksenova O., Vinarski M., Bolotov I., Kondakov A., Bespalaya Y., Tomilova A., Paltser I., Gofarov M.
    2017, Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research
  31. Luminescence of a near-surface GaAs/AlAs heterojunction in AlAs-based heterostructures [статья из журнала]
    Nikiforov V. E., Abramkin D. S., Shamirzaev T. S.
    2017, Semiconductors
  32. Determination of cell concentrations in stationary growing Lactobacillus salivarius cultures in relation to formation of biofilms and cell aggregates [статья из журнала]
    Afonyushkin V. N., Kechin A. A., Tromenshleger I. N., Filipenko M. L., Smetanina M. A.
    2017, Microbiology (Russian Federation)
  33. Isolation, production, and characterization of a new single chain anti-idiotypic antibody against benzo[a]pyrene [статья из журнала]
    Arnst K., Studennikov A., Ustinov V., Glushkov A.
    2017, Journal of Immunoassay and Immunochemistry
  34. Self-consistent mapping of the ab initio calculations to the multi-orbital p-d-model: Magnetism in α-FeSi2 films as effect of local environment [статья из журнала]
    Zhandun V., Zamkova N., Ovchinnikov S., Sandalov I.
    2017, JETP Letters
  35. Singlet Oxygen Production and Biological Activity of Hexanuclear Chalcocyanide Rhenium Cluster Complexes [{Re6Q8}(CN)6]4- (Q = S, Se, Te) [статья из журнала]
    Solovieva A. O., Kirakci K., Ivanov A. A., Kubát P., Pozmogova T. N., Miroshnichenko S. M., Vorontsova E. V., Chechushkov A. V., Trifonova K. E., Fufaeva M. S., Kretov E. I., Mironov Y. V., Poveshchenko A. F., Lang K., Shestopalov M. A.
    2017, Inorganic Chemistry
  36. Predicting the Possibility for Deep Hydroprocessing of Some Kuzbass Coals [доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций]
    Petrov I., Tryasunov B.
    2017, E3S Web of Conferences
  37. The concentration parameter thermal microstresses as the thermophysical characteristics of two-phase materials [доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций]
    Kuanishev V. T., Sachkov I. N., Sorogin I. G., Sorogina T. I.
    2017, Journal of Physics: Conference Series
  38. Current and prospective protein biomarkers of lung cancer [статья из журнала]
    Zamay T. N., Zamay G. S., Kolovskaya O. S., Zukov R. A., Petrova M. M., Gargaun A., Berezovski M. V., Kichkailo A. S.
    2017, Cancers
  39. Origin and evolution of the neo-sex chromosomes in pamphagidae grasshoppers through chromosome fusion and following heteromorphization [статья из журнала]
    Yerkinovich I., Bugrov A. G., Buleu O. G., Bogomolov A. G., Rubtsov N. B.
    2017, Genes
  40. Mathematical modeling of the jigging process in mineral processing [доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций]
    Nikiforova L. V., Matveev A. I., Sleptsova E. S., Yakovlev B. V.
    2017, AIP Conference Proceedings
  41. Modeling of evolution of shape of ductile metal disk for isotropic bombardment [доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций]
    Osipov D. R., Yakovlev B. V., Matveev A. I., Osipov D. A.
    2017, AIP Conference Proceedings
  42. Determination of probability of position of particle on working surface of spiral pneumoseparator by methods of mathematical modeling [доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций]
    Krylatova S. R., Yakovlev B. V., Matveev A. I., Lebedev I. F.
    2017, AIP Conference Proceedings
  43. Noncoding RNAs in the Regulation of Pluripotency and Reprogramming [статья из журнала]
    Sherstyuk V. V., Medvedev S. P., Zakian S. M.
    2017, Stem Cell Reviews and Reports
  44. Impact of Xist RNA on chromatin modifications and transcriptional silencing maintenance at different stages of imprinted X chromosome inactivation in vole Microtus levis [статья из журнала]
    Shevchenko A. I., Grigor’eva E. V., Medvedev S. P., Zakharova I. S., Dementyeva E. V., Elisaphenko E. A., Malakhova A. A., Pavlova S. V., Zakian S. M.
    2017, Chromosoma
  45. Tree-ring analysis and modeling approaches yield contrary response of circumboreal forest productivity to climate change [статья из журнала]
    Tei S., Sugimoto A., Yonenobu H., Matsuura Y., Osawa A., Sato H., Fujinuma J., Maximov T.
    2017, Global Change Biology
  46. The CO2 absorption continuum by high pressure CRDS in the 1.74 µm window [статья из журнала]
    Mondelain D., Campargue A., Čermák P., Gamache R. R., Kassi S., Tashkun S. A., Tran H.
    2017, Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer
  47. The unique Katugin rare-metal deposit (southern Siberia): Constraints on age and genesis [статья из журнала]
    Gladkochub D. P., Donskaya T. V., Sklyarov E. V., Kotov A. B., Vladykin N. V., Pisarevsky S. A., Larin A. M., Salnikova E. B., Saveleva V. B., Sharygin V. V., Starikova A. E., Tolmacheva E. V., Velikoslavinsky S. D., Mazukabzov A. M., Bazarova E. P., Kovach V. P., Zagornaya N. Y., Alymova N. V., Khromova E. A.
    2017, Ore Geology Reviews
  48. Hydrogeochemical earthquake precursor in the southern Baikal region [статья из журнала]
    Semenov R. M., Kashkovskii V. V., Lopatin M. N.
    2017, Russian Geology and Geophysics
  49. Potato resistance to quarantine diseases [статья из журнала]
    Khiutti A. V., Antonova O. Y., Mironenko N. V., Gavrilenko T. A., Afanasenko O. S.
    2017, Russian Journal of Genetics: Applied Research
  50. New methods of assessment, structure, and development of oil and gas resources of mature petroleum provinces (Volga-Ural province) [статья из журнала]
    Kontorovich A. E., Livshits V. R.
    2017, Russian Geology and Geophysics