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  1. The Comparison of Inflow Profiling Technologies for ERD Wells Including PLT, Fiber Optics DTS, Stationary Chemical Tracers: A Case Study from the Caspian offshore Yuri Korchagin Field in Russia [доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций]
    Shtun S. Y., Senkov A. A., Abramenko O. I., Matsashik V. V., Mukhametshin I. R., Prusakov A. V., Nukhaev M. T.
    2018, Society of Petroleum Engineers - SPE Annual Caspian Technical Conference and Exhibition 2017
  2. Features of cytokine regulation in patients with mechanical jaundice of malignant genesis [статья из журнала]
    2018, Medical Immunology (Russia)
  3. Sedimentation behavior of high-temperature concentrated colloidal suspension based on potassium cryolite [статья из журнала]
    Yasinskiy A. S., Polyakov P. V., Voyshel Y. V., Gilmanshina T. R., Padamata S. K.
    2018, Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology
  4. Effects of water column processes on the use of sediment traps to measure zooplankton non-predatory mortality: a mathematical and empirical assessment [статья из журнала]
    Dubovskaya Olga P., Tolomeev Aleksandr P., Kirillin Georgiy, Buseva Zhanna, Tang Kam W., Gladyshev Michail I.
  5. Topological flat Wannier-Stark bands [статья из журнала]
    Kolovsky A. R., Ramachandran A., Flach S.
  6. Optical defect mode with tunable Q factor in a one-dimensional anisotropic photonic crystal [статья из журнала]
    Timofeev Ivan V., Maksimov Dmitrii N., Sadreev Almas F.
  7. Specifics of geological composition, geochemistry and geochronology of rocks from the Kresty alkaline-ultrabasic massif (Maimecha-Kotui province, Polar Siberia) [доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций]
    Sazonov A. M., Zvyagina E. A., Gertner I. F., Krasnova T. S., Lipenkov G. P.
    2018, IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science
  8. Suppression of resonant auger effect with chirped x-ray free-electron laser pulse [статья из журнала]
    Sun Y. -P., Miao Q., Zhou A. -P., Liu R. -J., Liu B., Gel'Mukhanov F.
    2018, Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
  9. Assessment of structural reliability of precast concrete buildings [доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций]
    Koyankin A., Mitasov V.
    2018, MATEC Web of Conferences
  10. Considering biology when inferring range-limiting stress mechanisms for agricultural pests: a case study of the beet armyworm [статья из журнала]
    Yonow T., Kriticos D. J., Kirichenko N., Ota N.
    2018, Journal of Pest Science
  11. JAK2 haplotype 46/1 and JAK2 V617F allele burden in MPN: New evidence against the "hypermutability" hypothesis?
    Stolyar M. A., Klimova O. A., Gorbenko A. S., Brenner E. V., Titov S. E., Ivanov M. K., Olkhovskiy I. A.
    2018, International Journal of Laboratory Hematology
  12. Genome-wide genotyping uncovers genetic profiles and history of the Russian cattle breeds [статья из журнала]
    Yurchenko A., Yudin N., Aitnazarov R., Plyusnina A., Brukhin V., Soloshenko V., Lhasaranov B., Popov R., Paronyan I. A., Plemyashov K. V., Larkin D. M.
    2018, Heredity
  13. Inter-laboratory validation of the WDXRF, EDXRF, ICP–MS, NAA and PGAA analytical techniques and geochemical characterisation of obsidian sources in northeast Hokkaido Island, Japan [статья из журнала]
    Suda Y., Grebennikov A. V., Kuzmin Y. V., Glascock M. D., Wada K., Ferguson J. R., Kim J. C., Popov V. K., Rasskazov S. V., Yasnygina T. A., Saito N., Takehara H., Carter T., Kasztovszky Z., Biró K. T., Ono A.
    2018, Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports
  14. Electronic transition, ferroelectric and thermoelectric properties of bismuth pyrostannate Bi2(Sn0.85Cr0.15)2O7 [статья из журнала]
    Aplesnin S. S., Udod L. V., Sitnikov M. N.
    2018, Ceramics International
  15. Reaction of 3,5-di-(tert-butyl)-o-benzoquinone with arylamines developing to the formation of a pentaheterocyclic 12Н-quinoxaline[2,3-b]phenoxazine system. A deeper insight into the reaction mechanism [статья из журнала]
    Ivakhnenko E. P., Romanenko G. V., Kovalenko A. A., Revinskii Y. V., Knyazev P. A., Kuzmin V. A., Minkin V. I.
    2018, Dyes and Pigments
  16. Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) for therapeutic applications [статья из журнала]
    Zhang J., Shishatskaya E. I., Volova T. G., da Silva L. F., Chen G. -Q.
    2018, Materials Science and Engineering C
  17. Features of acoustic wave propagation in the Me/ZnO/Me/diamond waveguide structure [статья из журнала]
    2018, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
  18. A method of stopband widening in BPF based on two-conductor suspended-substrate resonators [статья из журнала]
    Leksikov A. A., Serzhantov A. M., Govorun I. V., Afonin A. O., Ugryumov A. V., Leksikov A. A.
    2018, Progress in Electromagnetics Research Letters
  19. Investigation of structural-phase states and features of plastic deformation of the austenitic precipitation-hardening Co-Ni-Nb alloy [статья из журнала]
    Tussupzhanov A., Yerbolatuly D., Kveglis L. I., Filarowski A.
    2018, Metals
  20. The Cultural Aspects of Advertising Communications in Modern China [статья из журнала]
    2018, East Asia
  21. Water availability controls Pinus pinaster xylem growth and density: A multi-proxy approach along its environmental range [статья из журнала]
    Arzac A., Rozas V., Rozenberg P., Olano J. M.
    2018, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology
  22. Magnetic resonance studies of mixed chalcospinel CuCr2SxSe4−x (x = 0; 2) and CoxCu1−xCr2S4 (x = 0.1; 0.2) nanocrystals with strong interparticle interactions [статья из журнала]
    2018, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
  23. Fluorescence lifetime components reveal kinetic intermediate states upon equilibrium denaturation of carbonic anhydrase II [статья из журнала]
    Nemtseva Elena V., Lashchuk Olesya O., Gerasimova Marina A., Melnik Tatiana N., Nagibina Galina S., Melnik Bogdan S.
  24. Interaction of ultracold non-ideal ion-electron plasma with a uniform magnetic field [статья из журнала]
  25. Synthesis, luminescent properties and theoretical calculations of novel orange-red-emitting Ca2Y8(SiO4)6O2:Sm3+ phosphors for white light-emitting diodes [статья из журнала]
    Chen C. T., Lin T. J., Liu W. R., Molokeev M. S.
    2018, Dyes and Pigments
  26. N-version Software Module Requirements to Grant the Software Execution Fault-Tolerance [статья из журнала]
    2018, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
  27. Two complete mitochondrial genomes of extinct form of the Sevan trout Salmo ischchan danilewskii [статья из журнала]
    Nedoluzhko A. V., Rastorguev S. M., Simonov E., Boulygina E. S., Sharko F. S., Tsygankova S. V., Gabrielyan B. K., Roubenyan H. R., Levin B. A.
    2018, Mitochondrial DNA Part B: Resources
  28. DendroSync: An R package to unravel synchrony patterns in tree-ring networks [статья из журнала]
    Alday J. G., Shestakova T. A., Resco de Dios V., Voltas J.
    2018, Dendrochronologia
  29. Thermoelectric properties and cost optimization of spark plasma sintered n-type Si0.9Ge0.1 - Mg2Si nanocomposites [статья из журнала]
    Usenko A., Moskovskikh D., Korotitskiy A., Gorshenkov M., Zakharova E., Fedorov A., Parkhomenko Y., Khovaylo V.
    2018, Scripta Materialia
  30. Solvability of Parametric Inverse Problem for Parabolic Equation [статья из журнала]
    2018, Journal of Mathematical Sciences (United States)
  31. Fe-induced enhancement of antiferromagnetic spin correlations in Mn2−xFexBO4 [статья из журнала]
    2018, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
  32. Establishing systems secure from research with implementation in encryption algorithms [статья из журнала]
    2018, International Journal of Network Security
  33. Analyzing mixing quality in a T-shaped micromixer for different fluids properties through numerical simulation [статья из журнала]
    2018, Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification
  34. Structural and spectroscopic properties of new noncentrosymmetric self-activated borate Rb3EuB6O12 with B5O10 units [статья из журнала]
    Atuchin V. V., Subanakov A. K., Aleksandrovsky A. S., Bazarov B. G., Bazarova J. G., Gavrilova T. A., Krylov A. S., Molokeev M. S., Oreshonkov A. S., Stefanovich S. Y.
    2018, Materials and Design
  35. Opisthorchis felineus infection prevalence in Western Siberia: A review of Russian literature [статья из журнала]
    Fedorova O. S., Fedotova M. M., Sokolova T. S., Golovach E. A., Kovshirina Y. V., Ageeva T. S., Kovshirina A. E., Kobyakova O. S., Ogorodova L. M., Odermatt P.
    2018, Acta Tropica
  36. Grafting of carboxyl groups using CO2/C2H4/Ar pulsed plasma: Theoretical modeling and XPS derivatization [статья из журнала]
    Manakhov A., Kiryukhantsev-Korneev P., Michlíček M., Permyakova E., Dvořáková E., Polčák J., Popov Z., Visotin M., Shtansky D. V.
    2018, Applied Surface Science
  37. Antibacterial properties of films of cellulose composites with silver nanoparticles and antibiotics [статья из журнала]
    2018, Polymer Testing
  38. Effects of reburning mechanically-activated micronized coal on reduction of NOx: Computational study of a real-scale tangentially-fired boiler [статья из журнала]
    Chernetskiy M., Dekterev A., Chernetskaya N., Hanjalić K.
    2018, Fuel
  39. Analysis of the characteristic perturbations spectrum of the exact invariant solution of the microconvection equations [статья из журнала]
    2018, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
  40. Magneto-transport phenomena in metal/SiO2/n(p)-Si hybrid structures [статья из журнала]
    2018, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
  41. On the nature of citrate-derived surface species on Ag nanoparticles: Insights from X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy [статья из журнала]
    Mikhlin Yuri L., Vorobyev Sergey A., Saikova Svetlana V., Vishnyakova Elena A., Romanchenko Alexander S., Zharkov Sergey M., Larichev Yurii V.
  42. Analysis of the metal layer thickness influence on the dispersion characteristics of acoustic waves propagating in the layered piezoelectric structure "Me/AlN/Me/diamond" [статья из журнала]
  43. Effect of fluorosubstitution on the structure of single crystals, thin films and spectral properties of palladium phthalocyanines [статья из журнала]
    Sukhikh A. S., Klyamer D. D., Parkhomenko R. G., Krasnov P. O., Gromilov S. A., Hassan A. K., Basova T. V.
    2018, Dyes and Pigments
  44. Intensive electrocaloric effect in the multilayer capacitor under equilibrium and nonequilibrium thermal conditions [статья из журнала]
    2018, Scripta Materialia
  45. Techniques for medical images processing using shearlet transform and color coding [научное издание]
    Zotin A., Simonov K., Kapsargin F., Cherepanova T., Kruglyakov A., Cadena L.
    2018, Intelligent Systems Reference Library
  46. Synthesis and structure of analcime and analcime-zirconia composite derived from coal fly ash cenospheres [статья из журнала]
    Vereshchagina T. A., Kutikhina E. A., Solovyov L. A., Vereshchagin S. N., Mazurova E. V., Chernykh Y. Y., Anshits A. G.
    2018, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials
  47. Complex Distributed permanent monitoring system for horizontal wells. Noviy-port field case study [доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций]
    Ipatov A. I., Kaeshkov I. S., Krementskiy M. I., Bazhenov D. U., Buyanov A. V., Panarina E. P., Figura E. V., Klishin I. A., Nukhaev M. T.
    2017, Society of Petroleum Engineers - SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference 2017
  48. Noise reduction techniques for processing of medical images [доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций]
    Cadena L., Zotin A., Cadena F., Korneeva A., Legalov A., Morales B.
    2017, Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science
  49. Well completion technology evaluation for oil rim field development using permanent tracers: A case study from north-komsomolskoye field [доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций]
    Gashimov R. R., Salyaev V. V., Nuykin A. M., Arzamastsev G. G., Safin A. F., Mukhametshin I. R., Nukhaev M. T., Prusakov A. V.
    2017, Society of Petroleum Engineers - SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference 2017
  50. Well performance wireless monitoring with stationary intelligent tracer systems on the prirazlomnoye oilfield [доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций]
    Morozov O. N., Andriyanov M. A., Koloda A. V., Shpakov A. A., Simakov A. E., Mukhametshin I. R., Nukhaev M. T., Prusakov A. V.
    2017, Society of Petroleum Engineers - SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference 2017