Spin-Orbit Coupling in Fe-Based Superconductors


Тип публикации: статья из журнала (материалы конференций, опубликованные в журналах)

Год издания: 2013

Идентификатор DOI: 10.1007/s10948-013-2212-6

Ключевые слова: Fe-based superconductors, Spin-resonance peak, Spin-orbit coupling, Fe-based superconductors, Spin-orbit coupling, Spin-resonance peak, Fe-based superconductors, Iron-based superconductors, Longitudinal components, Neutron scattering measurements, Spin orbit interactions, Spin susceptibility, Spin-orbit couplings, Spin-resonance peak, High temperature superconductors, Magnetic susceptibility, Resonance, Superconductivity

Аннотация: We study the spin resonance peak in recently discovered iron-based superconductors. The resonance peak observed in inelastic neutron scattering experiments agrees well with predicted results for the extended s-wave (s(+/-)) gap symmetry. Recent neutron scattering measurements show that there is a disparity between transverse and loПоказать полностьюngitudinal components of the dynamical spin susceptibility. Such breaking of the spin-rotational invariance in the spin-liquid phase can occur due to spin-orbit coupling. We study the role of the spin-orbit interaction in the multiorbital model for Fe-pnictides and show how it affects the spin resonance feature.

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Выпуск журнала: Vol. 26, Is. 9

Номера страниц: 2873-2874

ISSN журнала: 15571939

Место издания: NEW YORK

Издатель: SPRINGER


  • Korshunov M.M. (Siberian Federal University)
  • Togushova Y.N. (Siberian Federal University)
  • Eremin I. (Kazan Federal University)
  • Hirschfeld P.J. (Department of Physics,University of Florida)

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