Text Analysis of the Yenisei Provincial Administrations and the Yenisei Provincial Court documents about officials 'abuse in Siberia in the second half of the 19th century : научное издание


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Ключевые слова: officialdom, civil servants, bribery, official crimes, abuse of office, content analysis, provincial court, general provincial administration, yenisei province, siberia, russian empire

Аннотация: This article tested the facts of the abuse of office by local government officials in Siberia. The article talks about the officials of the Yenisei province, who committed malfeasance in the second half of the 19th century. The source base of the study is documents from 1860 to 1890s. These are documents of the Yenisei Provincial CПоказать полностьюourt and the Yenisei General Provincial Administration. These historical sources are kept in funds No. 141 and No. 545 of the State Archives of the Krasnoyarsk Territory (Krasnoyarsk). Content analysis of the text of archival documents is the main research method. We obtained the results of the study by analyzing administrative and statistical documents, form lists (personal files of officials). These documents contain hidden and explicit information. Content analysis makes it possible to establish the facts of crimes of local officials of the Yenisei province. The most common crimes are the theft of papers, things from public places, violation of seals, abuse of power, illegal actions of officials in the storage and management of property entrusted to them in the service, forgery at work, injustice, bribes. Punishment for these crimes was carried out according to the norms from the fifth section On crimes and misdemeanors in the service of the state and public of the Code of Criminal and Correctional Punishments of 1866. Surveys of the Yenisei province and official statistics indicate a small number of malfeasance - only 1.4-2.5% among others in the province. The biographical data of specific officials cited in the article paint an average portrait of a local civil servant of the district and provincial levels of government brought to justice. However, on the example of one of the criminal cases of the 186os it has been proven that not all officials were responsible. It was the murder of the treasurer of the Yenisei provincial government and the theft of a sum of 8,085 rubles. 88 1/4 kopeck High-ranking officials in Siberia could avoid punishment for malfeasance in the Russian Empire.

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Выпуск журнала: Vol. 2021, Is. 16, Part 4

Номера страниц: 1856-1849

Место издания: Cherkas Global Univ Press

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