Sources on the History of the Yenisei Peoples of the Russian Empire (on the Example of the Analysis of Materials from the Newspaper Krasnoyarets) : научное издание


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Ключевые слова: indigenous peoples of the north, yenisei province, newspaper the krasnoyarets, russian press of the early xx century

Аннотация: The relevance of this study is associated with the importance of studying the history of the indigenous peoples of the north of the Russian Federation, in particular, the Krasnoyarsk krai, which makes it possible to understand the peculiarities of the ethnocultural development of the indigenous peoples of the north from the end of Показать полностьюthe last century to the present, to see the changes in relations between the Russians and small-numbered peoples of the north that have occurred over a hundred years old. The significance of the study is explained by the fact that the peculiarities of the life and culture of the northern peoples of the Yenisei province at the beginning of the 20th century are studied on the basis of materials from The Krasnoyarets newspaper, which were not previously considered by scientists. As an archival source for the study 13 issues of The Krasnoyarets newspaper were used, which was published in the Yenisei province from 1906 to 1909, in which feuilletons, articles and notes about the life of the aborigines of the northern territories of the province were published. The main part of the article is the publication of significant extracts and quotes from the newspaper related to the description of the life of the indigenous peoples of the north, with research findings and interpretations. As a result the authors of the article concluded that in newspaper The Krasnoyarets journalists are primarily focused on describing the problems of the indigenous population of the Yenisei North - the unfair attitude of merchants to the hunters of the north (to make aborigines drunk with alcohol, low cost of furs exchanged by merchants from hunters, etc.), the spread of destructive diseases among the aboriginal population after contacts with the Russians, the inaccessibility of education for the aborigines, in general, the harsh living conditions in the north, often leading to hunger and other problems. Journalists focus the readers' attention on these problems for the sake of drawing attention to them, for the sake of changing this unfortunate situation in the future.

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