The Impact of Digitalization on the Economic Security of the Territory in the Solution of Socially Significant Issues


Тип публикации: научное издание

Год издания: 2023

Идентификатор DOI: 10.1007/978-981-99-2198-0_27

Ключевые слова: information technology, risk, Accessory function, digital transformation, ECONOMIC security

Аннотация: The author considers the impact of digital technology on the level of economic security of the territory in terms of highly important social tasks. The author presents the main author's approaches to studying the relationship between the digitalization of the socio-economic sector and the economic security of the territory. The papПоказать полностьюer aims to quantify the strength of the impact of digitalization on security and risk management. The research develops and describes an algorithm for the assessment that proposes methods for finding the optimal value by the criterion of similarity with the ideal solution, fuzzy logic tools, and assessing the relationship of indicators through correlation coefficients. To interpret the results, the transition to clear quantitative values of the indicators was made by applying the method of the center of gravity and aggregation of the final indicators based on the additive–multiplicative model. The author assesses the impact of information and communication technology on security indicators with a probabilistic assessment of their belonging to a certain level of risk. The research identifies indicators of the introduction of digital technologies in the economy, which have the most significant impact on economic security indicators. The author concludes about the ambiguous influence of digitalization of the social sector and industries on the parameters of economic security of territories. According to the research results, the conclusion about the prevailing trend of growth of risks and threats to the economic security of regions under the influence of digital transformation processes is made.

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Журнал: Anti-Crisis Approach to the Provision of the Environmental Sustainability of Economy

Номера страниц: 253-262

Место издания: Singapore

Издатель: Springer Singapore


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