Investigation of Properties of Industrial Sheet Semi-Finished Products of Alloy 1580 : научное издание


Тип публикации: статья из журнала

Год издания: 2023

Идентификатор DOI: 10.1007/s11015-023-01474-8

Ключевые слова: aluminum alloys, scandium, sheet semi-finished products, welding, technological properties, mechanical properties

Аннотация: A study of the properties of industrial sheets made of alloy 1580, including the determination of mechanical properties for tensile strength, impact strength, manufacturability during machining and shapechanging operations of sheet stamping, as well as during welding, has been carried out. The comparison of technological propertiesПоказать полностьюof alloy 1580 sheets with the properties of sheets made of aluminum alloy 1560, 1160, and 1201 has been performed. It has been established that alloy 1580 and 1560 sheets have similar properties in terms of machinability, manufacturability during shape-changing operations of sheet stamping, and weldability by electron beam welding. It is shown that the characteristics of the alloy 1580 during machining and shaping during sheet stamping are generally close to those of alloys 1160, 1201, and the absence of the need for hardening heat treatment (quenching followed by aging) and the high isotropy of the properties of semi-finished products are the advantages of the alloy 1580. The conducted studies indicate the prospects of using sheet semi-finished products of alloy 1580 for the manufacture of critical parts in various fields of mechanical engineering, such as aviation, space industry, automotive construction and shipbuilding.

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Журнал: Metallurgist

Номера страниц: 1-11

ISSN журнала: 00260894

Место издания: Москва

Издатель: Springer New York Consultants Bureau


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