Knowledge and Technology Transfer in Organic Farming in Russia: Results of Patent Analysis : доклад, тезисы доклада


Тип публикации: доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций

Конференция: International Research Conference “GSOM Emerging Markets Conference-2021”; Saint-Petersburg; Saint-Petersburg

Год издания: 2021

Ключевые слова: technology transfer, innovation potential, networks, patents

Аннотация: It is considered, that active interaction of participants in innovation process increases innovation output both at the level of individual companies and an industry as a whole. Knowledge and technology being transferred through network interactions of actors contribute to development of innПоказать полностьюovative potential in individual companies and economy sectors. In this study network interaction of participants in a process of developing new knowledge and technology has been analyzed with attention to a particular branch of the Russian economy, namely the organic farming. The analysis used patent information obtained from open sources. Using the tools to visualize links between patent authors and applicants for intellectual property rights, we confirmed the following barriers that impede the course of the innovation process: low level of interaction between state scientific organizations and the commercial sector; low patenting activity of private companies; lack of interregional transfer of knowledge and technology.

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Номера страниц: 121-128

Место издания: ?Saint-Petersburg

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