Cryogenic Vapor Recovery Unit for Light Fractions of Hydrocarbon Fuel : научное издание


Тип публикации: статья из журнала

Год издания: 2021

Идентификатор DOI: 10.1007/s10556-021-00936-7

Ключевые слова: condensation method, recovery of hydrocarbon vapors, steam-air mixture

Аннотация: An analysis of various hydrocarbon vapor recovery approaches justifies the selection of condensation-type installations as the basis for the development of an improved technical means for vapor recovery. The cryogenic-type vapor recovery unit design comprising a two-section box with internal partitions permits the alternate supply Показать полностьюof steam-air mixture to the unit sections. A calculation of the required heat exchange area is carried out on the basis of technical parameters. The presented vapor recovery unit can be used to reduce emissions of oil vapors into the atmosphere by up to 80%, reducing environmental load and increasing economic efficiency.

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Журнал: Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

Выпуск журнала: Т. 57, 3-4

Номера страниц: 317-321

ISSN журнала: 00092355

Место издания: Москва

Издатель: Springer New York Consultants Bureau


  • Shram V.G. (Siberian Federal University)
  • Lysyannikova N.N. (Siberian Federal University)
  • Bezborodov Y.N. (Siberian Federal University)
  • Kovaleva M.A. (Siberian Federal University)
  • Moroz O.Y. (Siberian Federal University)
  • Matkerimov T.Y. (I. Razzakov Kyrgyz State Technical University)

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