The American Practice of Implementing the Model of Information Economy


Тип публикации: научное издание

Год издания: 2018

Ключевые слова: information economy, American model of economic growth, socio-economic system, informatization

Аннотация: Purpose - The purpose of this chapter is to study the American practice of implementing the model of information economy as an example to the leading countries of the American region of the global economic system and to compile a conceptual model of formation and development of information economy in modern America.??Methodology - Показать полностьюFor provision of compatibility of data on different regions of the global economic system, the research is performed on the basis of the previously used methodology and information platform. The values of the indicators of technosphere, sociosphere, economic sphere, and target result in information economy's formation in American countries and are compared to determine their variation from direct average; subsequently, they are compared with the global values for evaluation of percentage deviations. The research concerns countries such as USA, which is a leader in the American region with regard to the global economic system, Canada, which is the country closest to the level of economic development by the region's leader, and Brazil, which is the foremost leading country among the developing countries of the American region. The data from 2017 is used in the study.??Results - The authors conclude that the US economy is not a deviant economic system but a true leader of the American region with regard to the the global economic system. That is, the USA shows higher level and rate of information economy's formation, but applied that for the same conceptual model as other countries of the American region. The most vivid uniqueness of the American model of establishment and development of information economy is the stage-by-stage character of the noosphere pyramid, which is manifested by vivid reduction of the area of its structural elements, the most massive of which is technosphere, which corresponds to the indicators that are standard for the leading countries of the world.??Recommendations - The offered conceptual model is recommended for studying the formation of information economy in the America region and compare this process in other regions of the world.

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Номера страниц: 67-77

Место издания: Bingley

Издатель: Emerald Publishing Limited


  • Bogoviz A.V. (Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution "Federal Research Center of Agrarian Economy and Social Development of Rural Areas - All-Russian Research Institute of Agricultural Economics)
  • Skryl T.V. (Plekhanov Russian University of Economics)
  • Ferova I.S. (Siberian Federal University)
  • Sultanguzhiyeva Aigul (West Kazakhstan Innovat Technol Univ)
  • Burdina A.A. (Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University))

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