Precipitation as a main soil emission driver during summer season in boreal middle taiga forests of Central Siberia : научное издание


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Год издания: 2019

Аннотация: CO2emission from soil to atmosphere is the second component of the global carbon cycle after photosynthesis.The temperature sensitivity of the seasonal course of soil CO2emissions reflects the accumulation of CO2in thesoil in summer and depletion in winter. It was assumed that in ecosystems of cold and humid climates, such asborealПоказать полностьюand temperate forests, soil CO2emissions are described well enough only by temperature, and in ecosystemswith moisture deficiency (steppes, prairies, deserts) it is necessary to take precipitation into account.In this paper, for the first time on the basis of five growing seasons, it is shown that in the boreal zone in a vastarea of pine forests with sandy soils, CO2emissions are poorly described only by temperature. A new approachto modeling CO2emissions in such ecosystems, which is based on the mathematical division of time (within theseason) into dry and wet periods for areas with different types of vegetation cover, is proposed.In the work it was found that the magnitude of the flow is determined by the diversity of plant cover of a particularplot and the hydrothermal conditions of the growing season. In seasons with insufficient moisture, soil emissionsdecreased by 43% compared with other measuring seasons.By a multistep analysis and consideration of the seasonal course of soil emission, the optimum soil moisture limitwas found for the areas with different types of vegetation. The mechanism for finding the value of the optimum soilmoisture is described in detail. A set of measurements with soil moisture above the threshold value demonstrates astrong relationship between soil temperature and soil emission.It was found that in drought conditions the temperature sensitivity does not depend on the type of vegetation of theplot.

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Журнал: Geophysical Research Abstracts

Выпуск журнала: Т. 21

Номера страниц: 5885

ISSN журнала: 16077962


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