Antifungal activity of P3HB microparticles containing tebuconazole : научное издание


Тип публикации: статья из журнала

Год издания: 2019

Ключевые слова: antifungal activity, encapsulation, microparticles, poly-3-hydroxybutyrate, tebuconazole

Аннотация: In this study, tebuconazole (TEB)-loaded poly-3-hydroxybutyrate (P3HB)-based microparticles were developed and comprehensively characterized. TEB-loaded microparticles with the initial loading amounts of the fungicide of 10, 25, and 50% of the polymer mass (TEB 10, TEB 25, and TEB 50%) were prepared using emulsion technique. EncapsПоказать полностьюulation efficiency of TEB varied from 59 to 86%. As the loading amount was increased, the average diameter of microparticles increased too, from 41.3 to 71.7 µm, while zeta potential was not influenced by TEB loading, varying between –32.6 and –35.7 mV. TEB was gradually released from the microparticles to the model medium, and after 60 d, from 25 to 43% of TEB was released depending on the content of the encapsulated fungicide. The data obtained from in vitro TEB release were fitted to different mathematical models. It was shown that the release profiles of TEB could be best explained by the Zero-order, Higuchi, and Hixson–Crowell models. The antifungal activity of the P3HB/TEB microparticles against phytopathogenic fungi Fusarium moniliforme and Fusarium solani was demonstrated by in vitro tests conducted in Petri dishes. Thus, hydrophobic agrochemicals (TEB) can be effectively encapsulated into P3HB microparticles to construct slow-release formulations.

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Журнал: Journal of Environmental Science and Health. Part B: Pesticides, Food Contaminants, and Agricultural Wastes

Выпуск журнала: Т. 54, 3

Номера страниц: 196-204

ISSN журнала: 03601234

Издатель: Marcel Dekker Inc.


  • Shershneva A.M. (Siberian Federal University,Institute of Fundamental Biology and Biotechnology)
  • Zhila N.O. (Institute of Biophysics SB RAS,Federal Research Center “Krasnoyarsk Science Center SB RAS”)
  • Volova T.G. (Institute of Biophysics SB RAS,Federal Research Center “Krasnoyarsk Science Center SB RAS”)
  • Murueva A.V. (Institute of Biophysics SB RAS,Federal Research Center “Krasnoyarsk Science Center SB RAS”)

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