Multilayer nanogranular films (Co40Fe40B20)(50)(SiO2)(50)/alpha-Si:H and (Co40Fe40B20)(50)(SiO2)(50)/SiO2: Magnetic properties


Тип публикации: статья из журнала (материалы конференций, опубликованные в журналах)

Конференция: Joint MMM-Intermag Conference; Chicago, IL; Chicago, IL

Год издания: 2013

Идентификатор DOI: 10.1063/1.4794361

Ключевые слова: Granular layer, Granular media, Granule diameter, Nano-granular, Nanogranular films, Percolation thresholds, Single layer films, Superparamagnetics, Cobalt, Exchange interactions, Ferromagnetic materials, Ferromagnetism, Granulation, Magnetic multilayers, Magnetic properties, Multilayer films, Semiconducting silicon, Silicon, Superparamagnetism, Multilayers

Аннотация: Magnetic properties of multilayers, consisting of nanogranular (Co40Fe40B20)(50)(SiO2)(50) layers as thin as magnetic granule diameter alternating the alpha-Si: H or SiO2 layers and the single layer film (Co40Fe40B20)(50)(SiO2)(50) with the thickness much larger than the magnetic granule diameter are reported and compared. The thicПоказать полностьюk single layer film is ferromagnetic but the multilayer film with the ultrathin granular layers and SiO2 spacer is superparamagnetic. This is interpreted as the result of increasing percolation threshold in the 2D granular media above 50% concentration of magnetic granules in the multilayer with the nonmagnetic and dielectric SiO2 spacer. The multilayer with the alpha-Si: H spacer is superparamagnetic at 300 K but it becomes ferromagnetic, when temperature is below 250 K. It is assumed to be resulted from the exchange interaction of magnetic granules through the semiconductor alpha-Si: H layers. The value of exchange interaction through the semiconductor spacer is estimated. (C) 2013 American Institute of Physics.

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Выпуск журнала: Vol. 113, Is. 17

ISSN журнала: 00218979

Место издания: MELVILLE



  • Komogortsev S.V. (Kirensky Inst Phys SB RAS, Krasnoyarsk 660036, Russia)
  • Denisova E.A. (Kirensky Inst Phys SB RAS, Krasnoyarsk 660036, Russia)
  • Iskhakov R.S. (Kirensky Inst Phys SB RAS, Krasnoyarsk 660036, Russia; Siberian Fed Univ, Krasnoyarsk 660041, Russia)
  • Balaev A.D. (Kirensky Inst Phys SB RAS, Krasnoyarsk 660036, Russia)
  • Chekanova L.A. (Kirensky Inst Phys SB RAS, Krasnoyarsk 660036, Russia)
  • Kalinin Yu. E. (Voronezh State Tech Univ, Voronezh 394026, Russia)
  • Sitnikov A.V. (Voronezh State Tech Univ, Voronezh 394026, Russia)