Развитие системы управления физической культурой и спортом на территории Красноярского края


Перевод названия: Development of System of Management of Physical Culture and Sport across Krasnoyarsk Territory

Тип публикации: статья из журнала

Год издания: 2014

Ключевые слова: physical culture and sport, stages of management, historical analysis, state and public advisory bodies, физическая культура и спорт, этапы управления, исторический анализ, государственные и общественные совещательные органы

Аннотация: Formation of the system of management of physical culture and sports across the Krasnoyarsk Territory began almost simultaneously with the other territories of Siberia - in the post-revolutionary period. The purpose of the present study was to analyze historical landmark stages of the formation of the system of management of the phПоказать полностьюysical culture and sports industry in the present Krasnoyarsk Territory in advance of the 80th anniversary of its establishment. The first physical culture and sports societies began to appear across the Krasnoyarsk Territory in the early XX century. Reforms, taking place in the country and the region, resulted in occasional weakening of the role of public administration in physical culture and sports, but at the same time an effective system of public authorities had not been created either. Examples of the non-state impact on the activity in the industry show that public authorities are not able to cope with the tasks of effective development without assistance. On the contrary, success here depends on the implemented state policy - a set of measures intended to establish legal, economic, pedagogical and organizational conditions. The main goals and guidelines of the territorial management bodies in the sphere of physical culture and sports have been unchanged in recent years. These are satisfying the needs of the population for active leisure, introducing mass physical culture in the activities of enterprises and institutions, developing elite sport and training of adequate reserve athletes in the region.

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Журнал: Теория и практика физической культуры

Выпуск журнала: 12

Номера страниц: 15-17

ISSN журнала: 00403601

Место издания: Москва

Издатель: Автономная некоммерческая организация "Научно-издательский центр "Теория и практика физической культуры и спорта"


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