Development of Krasnoyarsk planning structure [Развитие планировочной структуры Красноярска/]


Тип публикации: статья из журнала

Год издания: 2022

Идентификатор DOI: 10.51461/projectbaikal.71.1945

Ключевые слова: city's morphology, fringe belts, krasnoyarsk, lower tier of buildings, morphotypes, nucleus of urban growth

Аннотация: The planning structure of Krasnoyarsk was formed under the influence of various urban planning ideas and concepts. The current trends in the development of the city are analyzed based on the changed types of the economy and ideas about the urban environment. Open data bases make it possible to analyze the structure of the developmeПоказать полностьюnt, the distribution of employment objects, services, and the processes of their transformation. In the structure of Krasnoyarsk, the authors point out the sequence of the development of the urban landscape, morphotypes of the residential areas, fringe belts, and the typology of the lower tier of buildings. © 2022 Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, Vostoksibacademcenter. All rights reserved.

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Журнал: Project Baikal

Выпуск журнала: Is. 71

Номера страниц: 79-91

ISSN журнала: 23074485

Издатель: Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, Vostoksibacademcenter


  • Kukina I. (Siberian Federal University, Russian Federation)
  • Fedchenko I. (Siberian Federal University, Russian Federation)
  • Lipovka A. (Siberian Federal University, Russian Federation)
  • Logunova E. (Siberian Federal University, Russian Federation)
  • Kamalova K. (Siberian Federal University, Russian Federation)
  • Unagaeva N. (Siberian Federal University, Russian Federation)

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