Microstructure and Magnetooptics of Silicon Oxide with Implanted Nickel Nanoparticles


Тип публикации: статья из журнала

Год издания: 2011

Идентификатор DOI: 10.1134/S1063776111160035

Ключевые слова: Disperse structure, Effective medium model, Implanted samples, Irradiation dose, Magnetic circular dichroisms, Magnetic Nickel, Magneto-optical Faraday effect, Magneto-optical measurements, matrix, Metal nanoparticles, Metallic nickel, Nickel nanoparticles, Nickel particles, Optical range, Spectral dependences, Surface plasma resonances, Tensor components, Thin near-surface layers, Amorphous silicon, Crystal microstructure, Dichroism, Faraday effect, Ion implantation, Magnetoplasma, Metallic compounds, Nanomagnetics, Nanoparticles, Nickel, Silicon compounds, Silicon oxides, Spectroscopy, Tensors, Transmission electron microscopy, Nickel oxide

Аннотация: Metallic nickel nanoparticles of various sizes are formed in a thin near-surface layer in an amorphous SiO2 matrix during 40-keV Ni+ ion implantation at a dose of (0.25-1.0) x 10(17) ions/cm(2). The micro-structure of the irradiated layer and the crystal structure, morphology, and sizes of nickel particles formed at various irradiaПоказать полностьюtion doses are studied by transmission electron microscopy and electron diffraction. The magnetooptical Faraday effect and the magnetic circular dichroism in an ensemble of nickel nanoparticles are studied in the optical range. The permittivity (epsilon) over cap tensor components are calculated for the implanted samples using an effective medium model with allowance for the results of magnetooptical measurements. The spectral dependences of the tensor (epsilon) over cap components are found to be strongly different from those of a continuous metallic nickel film. These differences are related to a disperse structure of the magnetic nickel phase and to a surface plasma resonance in the metal nanoparticles.

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Выпуск журнала: Vol. 113, Is. 6

Номера страниц: 1040-1049

ISSN журнала: 10637761

Место издания: NEW YORK



  • Edel'man I.S. (Kirensky Institute of Physics,Russian Academy of Sciences)
  • Petrov D.A. (Kirensky Institute of Physics,Russian Academy of Sciences)
  • Ivantsov R.D. (Kirensky Institute of Physics,Russian Academy of Sciences)
  • Zharkov S.M. (Siberian Federal University)
  • Khaibullin R.I. (Zavoisky Physical-Technical Institute,Russian Academy of Sciences)
  • Valeev V.F. (Zavoisky Physical-Technical Institute,Russian Academy of Sciences)
  • Nuzhdin V.I. (Zavoisky Physical-Technical Institute,Russian Academy of Sciences)
  • Stepanov A.L. (Kazan (Volga Region),Federal University)

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