Upconversion luminescence of CsScF4 crystals doped with erbium and ytterbium


Тип публикации: статья из журнала

Год издания: 2016

Идентификатор DOI: 10.1016/j.optmat.2016.09.016

Ключевые слова: Fluoride crystals, Erbium, Ytterbium, Up-conversion, Luminescence, Crystal structure, Power dependence, Pump wavelength dependence, Gadolinium compounds, Pump wavelength, Pumping wavelength, Three-stage process, Up conversion, Up-conversion luminescence, Visible upconversion

Аннотация: Tetragonal CsScF4 crystals doped with (5 at.%) Er and Er/Yb (0.5 at.%/5 at.%) are grown and their crystal structure is determined to belong to Pmmn space group. Er and Yb ions are shown to occupy distorted octahedral Sc sites with the center of inversion. Bright visible upconversion luminescence was observed under 970-980 nm pumpinПоказать полностьюg with red (F-4(9/2)), yellow (S-4(3/2)) and green (H-2(11/2)) bands of comparable intensity. UCL tuning curves maximize at 972 nm (CSF:Er) and at 969.7 nm (CSF:Er,Yb) pumping wavelengths. Different ratios between yellow-green and red luminescence intensities in CSF:Er and CSF:Er, Yb are explained by contribution of cross-relaxation in CSF:Er UCL UC in CSF:Er is a three stage process while UC in CSF:Er, Yb is a two stage process. The peculiarities of power dependences are explained by the power-dependent repopulation between starting levels of UC. (C) 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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Выпуск журнала: Vol. 60

Номера страниц: 584-589

ISSN журнала: 09253467

Место издания: AMSTERDAM



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