Reproduction and genetic accuracy during somatic embryogenesis in Larix sibirica : доклад, тезисы доклада


Тип публикации: доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций

Конференция: Plant Genetics, Genomics, Bioinformatics, and Biotechnology (PlantGen2019); Novosibirsk; Novosibirsk

Год издания: 2019

Ключевые слова: molecular-genetic markers, somatic embryogenesis, Larix sibirica

Аннотация: The quality of proliferative embryogenic cultures (ECs) and the genetic changes associated with somaclonal variations in the cell lines (Cls) and cloned plants of Larix sibirica were studied. Cls were obtained from zygotic embryos on medium AI, supplemented by plant growth regulators: (2,4-D:6-BAP, 2:0,5 and 2:1). All Cls actively Показать полностьюformed embryonal- suspensor mass (ESM), in which globular embryos propagated through cleavage, budding formation and proliferation of embryonic tubes of the suspensor. Cytogenetic studies of proliferating Cls of Siberian larch showed that the cells of young cell lines (aged 1-2 years) contained mainly cells with the normal number of chromosomes for this species (2 n = 24). Analysis of long-cultivated (7-9 years) Cls showed that their majority were genetically unstable and only one (Cl6) was characterized as being stability. The genetic stability of this line was confirmed by a microsatellite analysis of nine microsatellite loci. Molecular genetic studies of proliferating Cls, conducted using RAPD analysis, allowed us to obtain diversified line-specific PCR spectra that can be used as markers of ECs. Somatic embryos matured on the nutrient medium AI with ABA (32 mg L-1). The number of mature somatic embryos in different cell lines varied from 9 (Cl 16.19) up to 1220 (Cl4) per gram of fresh weight of ESM. Somatic embryos germinated on the medium AI without hormones and rooted (5-15 %). Stable maturation and germination of SEs was observed in Cl6. For 7 years, cloned trees have been growing at the station “Pogorelsky Bor” IF SB RAS successfully. Microsatellite analysis of clones showed their full compliance to Cl6.

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Журнал: Current Challenges in Plant Genetics, Genomics, Bioinformatics, and Biotechnology

Номера страниц: 137-139

Издатель: Федеральный исследовательский центр Институт цитологии и генетики Сибирского отделения Российской академии наук


  • Tretyakova I.N. (Sukachev Institute of Forest, SB RAS)
  • Park M.E. (Sukachev Institute of Forest, SB RAS)
  • Oreshkova N.V. (Siberian Federal University)
  • Kulagin D.V. (Institute of Forest, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus)
  • Konstantinov A.V. (Institute of Forest, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus)
  • Padutov V.E. (Institute of Forest, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus)

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