Lubricants containing ultradisperse diamond-graphite powder


Тип публикации: статья из журнала

Год издания: 2004

Ключевые слова: Additives, Cutting fluids, Graphite, Industrial diamonds, Lubricating oils, Nanostructured materials, Powders, Diamond powders, Lubricant additives, Lubricants

Аннотация: The use of a solid additive-filler for lubricants, ultradisperse diamond-graphite powder (particle size of 2-12 nm, specific surface area up to 400 m2/g), for increasing efficiency of tribo-junctions was studied. The synthesis of ultradisperse diamond-graphite powders from explosives with an excess carbon content is discussed. The Показать полностьюresults of laboratory and industrial tests confirmed the high efficiency of these powders as multifunctional additives to motor, transmission, and industrial oils, plastic lubricants, and cutting fluids for metal treatment.

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Журнал: Khimiya i Tekhnologiya Topliv i Masel

Выпуск журнала: Is. 3

Номера страниц: 32-35


  • Red'kin V.E. (Krasnoyarskij GTU, Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation)

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