Modernization of a laboratory chemical workshop for future bachelor-metallurgists on the basis of an information-activity approach


Тип публикации: статья из журнала

Год издания: 2019

Ключевые слова: Fundamental chemical education, Laboratory chemical practicum, Motivation for research activities, Research competence

Аннотация: Aim and objectives: Laboratory practical work of natural science discipline plays a significant role in the development of research competence as an important component of professional competence of the modern bachelor. In the context of the importance of ICT in modern education, the aim of the study was to modernize the laboratoryПоказать полностьюchemical practicum for future bachelors of technical and technological areas in Junior courses with use of the information-andactivity- based approach. Methodology and research methods: Previously, we have developed a model of information-and-activity-based educational environment of fundamental chemical training. The structure of the laboratory practicum, implemented in this environment on the base of blended learning, consists of three main stages, involving a gradual transition from the performance of laboratory work on the guidelines to research laboratory work with a professional context. Depending on the nature of the laboratory work, students use the electronic educational resources allocated in the electronic training course of the chemical discipline in LMS. Within the framework of the pedagogical experiment, the method of observation of students, component analysis of knowledge, formed skills have been used, on the basis of which the coefficient of systematic knowledge, the coefficient of completeness of operations were calculated. Results: In accordance with the proposed practicum structure a list and the content of laboratory works for the discipline «Chemistry» and the section «Chemistry of metals» of the discipline «Chemistry of organic and inorganic compounds» have been developed. The practicum was tested in the training of the bachelors - the future metallurgists of the Siberian Federal University. The values of the coefficient of system knowledge, the coefficient of completeness of operations for experimental groups were higher than for the control group. Practical significance: Consistent inclusion of elements of research activities in the laboratory chemical practicum, the work of students in the electronic component of the information-and-activity-based educational environment at different stages of the laboratory work, depending on its type, contribute to the development of bachelor’s research competence and to the development of their motivation for research activity. The conclusion about the effectiveness of modernization of the laboratory chemical practicum on the basis of information-and-activity-based approach has been made. © 2019, "Ore and Metals" Publishing house. All rights reserved.

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Журнал: Chernye Metally

Выпуск журнала: Is. 3

Номера страниц: 70-75

ISSN журнала: 01320890

Издатель: Ore and Metals" Publishing house"


  • Vostrikova N.M. (Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation)
  • Kravtsova E.D. (Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation)
  • Bezrukova N.P. (Astafyev Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogic University, Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation)

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