Double loop control of linear dynamical systems and an algorithm for adjustment of the typical controllers using the nonparametric model of a llinear dynamical system


Тип публикации: доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций

Конференция: 4th International Workshop Applied Methods of Statistical Analysis Nonparametric Methods in Cybernetics and System Analysis, AMSA 2017; Красноярск, Россия; Красноярск, Россия

Год издания: 2017

Ключевые слова: Double loop control, Linear dynamical system, Nonparametric controller, Transition function

Аннотация: This paper considers a double loop control of a linear dynamic system based on a nonparametric model. It describes a two-stage process of constructing a nonparametric controller, which constructs a nonparametric model of a macro-object at the first stage, and then a nonparametric controller at the second stage. The double loop contПоказать полностьюrol scheme preserves analog devices of local automatic equipment, which ensures its reliability even in the case when digital devices fail. The authors describe an approach to synthesis of a nonparametric controller for a linear dynamical system of an unknown order when information about a control object is presented in the form of realization of transition functions containing random disturbance. It further proposes an algorithm for realization of assessment of the inverse function for a linear dynamic system, and provides a novel approach to standard controller parameters adjustment using a nonparametric model of a linear dynamical system. © Novosibirsk State Technical University, 2017.

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Журнал: Applied Methods of Statistical Analysis

Номера страниц: 88-95

ISSN журнала: 2313870X

Издатель: Novosibirsk State Technical University


  • Pupkov A. (Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation)
  • Tsarev R. (Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation)

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